Dekko Comics

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 Dekko Comics, from Glasgow, Scotland has been a partner with Nordic Educators since 2018. Dekko Comics is the exclusive provider of educational reading tools for all Nordic Educators start-up schools.  For more information on how you can collaborate with Dekko Comics, Nordic Educators and others in our network, please visit our START-UP page. 

 For more information on how you can bring Dekko Comics into your established school, your home, or how to even buy a series of books for holiday gifts, please visit their site directly at Dekko Comics

Kielo International School

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 Kielo International School in Helsinki, Finland is an international primary school. They offer summer language camps, educational tours, teacher training, exchange programs, ERAMUS+ traineeship internships,  and much more. Visit their site at Kielo

 Kielo International is an international primary school that has been a pioneer in teaching international students through the Finnish curriculum. They focus on entrepreneurial competences, work skills, sustainable development, ICT, gaming and coding. Their unique assessment tools and operations have been developed by Nordic Educators.   

 Nordic Educators school operation tools better allows for international parents and teachers to find out how the students, and staff, are progressing with their well being and happiness.  

The Progress Company

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The Progress Company was founded by director, Mel Disley, and is headquartered in Wales, UK working with a vast range of partners and associates, projects and collaborations and clients from different sectors and industries and with organisations of all sizes both in the UK and internationally. 

TPC offers leadership & management and mental & emotional well-being training with a difference. 

We have particular experience in building working relationships and collaborations with the education sector globally, including with private international schools and with Nordic Educators since 2018, having designed and delivered learning, development and well-being programmes to educational settings via varied and combined activities, which can even involve getting physically, as well as mentally, active.

We also work with selected partners and associates in the UK and Europe to deliver training and development opportunities across Europe to educate and facilitate development via funded projects aimed at specific sectors and communities, including children and young people. 

We deliver a wide range of training and coaching - certified, formal, bespoke and non-formal.  

Mel has been working in the training and development industry for over 20 years and, in the latter half of that time, has focused on leadership and management and core, fundamental skills and mindset training, coaching and mentoring. 

A large part of Mel's leadership and management training focuses on developing mental and emotional wealth and strength and leadership style and practice, including developing and engaging emotional intelligence, self awareness, empathy and authenticity. She is also an NLP practitioner and uses some of these tools and techniques in her training and coaching work. 

In offering such training, Mel is able to encourage, support, motivate and inspire others with her long-held belief that these attitudes and qualities are a fundamental and essential basis on which all other skills, knowledge and experience can be built.

Projects & Collaboration

Valley Training & Consultancy

Education consulting, Educational leadership, Nordic model, staff health, staff training

 Valley Training & Consultancy and Nordic Educators have been collaborating since 2018 on the S.A.M.I. project in Helsinki, Finland. The Skills, Attitude, Mindset, Initiative program created by Valley Training is the core of all Nordic Educators start-up schools and their guidance counselor department. Find out more on how you can partner with Nordic Educators and Valley Training in your future START-UP school

 Valley Training is based out of southern Wales, United Kingdom, however, they have years of experience globally increasing awareness on well being and overall mental health. 

Sumatra Orangutan Discovery

Finnish education in Asia, Community development, educational tours, educational treks

 The founders of Sumatra Orangutan Discovery are native English primary school teachers from northern Wales, United Kingdom. Now settled in Sumatra, Indonesia. They have created a unique concept of mixing the Nordic model of education into expedition treks; phenomenon-based learning at its best! 

 Together with Nordic Educators, Sumatra Orangutan Discovery creates unique expedition treks and educational tours. Treks and tours are arranged for small children to university students to journalists to politicians (If they are ready to listen). Educational treks teach life skills for the participants, as well as international communication skills for the local villages and students. 

 Sumatra Orangutan Discovery's mission is to rebuild the environment we share with nature by educating and utilizing the skills learned by the students of the 21st century. Their treks and tours into the jungle will not only education the participants, but will make a drastic and positive impact on the ecosystem. 

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