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School start-ups

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Together, Nordic Educators and partners within the network have created unique educational tools to completely build and operate a prekindergarten/preschool to 9th grade school. The curriculum is extremely similar to the Finnish and Nordic system, however, we blend our curriculum with your local needs and legal regulations. We offer assistance in staffing and head hunting services to locate teachers from Finland, the Nordic region and globally.  

Our team of Finnish educational leaders and teachers offer short and long term teacher training. Nordic Educators offers international start-up schools any opportunity to access a variety of leaders in different fields of education for free. Start-up schools can seek assistance from all members in the network to import everything from textbooks to guidance counseling operations. Likewise, start-ups can simply access our open source research and educational tools for their use freely. 

If you would like to partner with Nordic Educators or one our partners to help launch a school please contact us. 

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Finnish international schools, student well-being, curriculum development, educational tools

 From the building design to textbooks to toys, Nordic Educators can help you with your start-up school. 

Student well-being, school development, community development

 Nordic Educators specializes in prekindergartens to 9th grade start-up schools. 


We have experience in teaching and authoring on:

  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Educational leadership through the Finnish system 
  • Management Change
  • School start-ups
  • Educational tools development (textbook creation and publishing) 

with a perspective from North America, Europe and South East Asia.   

Entrepreneurship education, positive pedagogy, Nordic mordel
Entrepreneurship education, positive pedagogy, Nordic mordel

Teacher training

Finnish teacher training, Nordic model, education development, learning environments

We are here to support your team

Nordic Educators host onsite training for school personal - from auxiliary staff to leadership – Teacher training involves, and should be called more principal training. Your school’s curriculum and local area's future employment needs are the basis for our training. We focus on how to implement entrepreneurial competencies in not only your students, but in your staff and leadership. Watch this video on how Nordic Educators implement entrepreneurship in 7th-9th grade business studies courses.  

  The Finnish and Nordic education system is based on equality, quality, and quantity. Our training experts and workshop leaders deliver services based on Nordic values of equality, trust, and openness. We expect you to share those traits as well before partnering with us. We will work together  to bring the highest quality teachers and tools to wherever you would like to start a school. However, sometimes the best solutions can be found locally, for example, in a form of a local teacher, system, or practice: we’ll work together to discover which works best for you and your team. Quantity is always an issue for schools: number of students per class, number of lesson hours, number of assessments needed etc. Nordic Educators will work with you to find your local needs and the best use of your resources.  

Student well-being, positive pedagogy, Finnish education, best teacher, teaching practices
Student well-being, positive pedagogy, Finnish education, best teacher, teaching practices


Finnish education, Nordic model, student well-being, School development, student happiness

Nordic Educators staff have been contributing and co-authoring textbooks for the Finnish education system since 2015. Find out more about the revolutionary textbook publishing company Tabletkoulu at their site. 

Nordic Educators is currently co-authoring:

  • Middle School English annual books: 7th to 9th grade (working with Annika Ruohonen)      
  • High School English, 1 semester book: 2nd of 7 books in the high school series 

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