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Workshops & Courses

University courses for B.A. and M.A. students are available on: Entrepreneurship, Teacher training, International business, Management and Economics

Nordic Educators have taught in universities from the U.K. to Germany to Finland.  

Workshops have been hosted from Colorado to Indonesia.  

All of our workshops and courses have been developed uniquely by Nordic Educators and their experts centered on: Entrepreneurship, Teacher training, School operations/Management and the Finnish  education system.

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Outdoor education, Environment education, students learning outside

  Nature based education is fundamental in Nordic and Finnish education. Nordic Educators custom build every workshop and course offered to participants. Workshops are organized for lifelong learners aged 8 to 88.  

Finnish education, educational leadership, teacher training, Nordic model

  Workshops for students aged 8 to 88 are available for small and large groups.  

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